These webinars are intended to provide a rich resource for families who want to pursue an inclusive life for their son or daughter, brother or sister or for themselves.

These webinars have been designed for families, individuals with disabilities and other family members who are committed to community inclusion, want to deepen their understanding of inclusion and be part of creating a movement for change.

Webinars have been designed by Leap in consultation with the Centre for Disability Law and Policy, NUIG.

This year we are inviting applications from 30 families to attend from across Ireland. The deadline for applications is 17th November 2021.


1.) 19th November – Developing A Vision of An Ordinary Life for Your Family Member.
2.) 10th December – An Introduction to Inclusive Education.
3.) 14th January – Supported Decision Making for children & young people with disabilities.
4.) 11th February – Safeguarding the Future
5.) 11th March – Family Advocacy
6.) 8th April – Planning for life after school
7.) 13th May – Creating Community In the street where you Live
8.) 17th June – Getting a life not a service: How to utilize Individualized funding
9.) 24th June – Closing event: Sharing stories and next steps. In- person event to celebrate end of course.

Webinars are one and a half hours long and will take place on Fridays from 11am-12.30pm.

For more information and to apply for a place, please send us a message/call us on 087 6130165 or email us at