The next webinar in our Family Leadership Series ‘Planning for Life After School’ takes place from 11.00am-12.30pm on the 30th April and features Carol Lloyd, a parent from Dublin who has used individualised funding paired with a vision of a good life to support her daughter Emily.  Carol will talk about the family’s journey from their daughter’s last years in school to the present day and how the family knew that existing post-school services were not what they or their daughter wanted. The presentation will also cover how the family set their sights on inclusion and worked on creating a vision for the future which inspired them to action. We will hear about how they set up a circle of support to bring together family and friends to help support the vision. Carol will also talk about the fear she experienced and how it was really important to connect with others on a similar path, bringing together people who believed in what the family was trying to accomplish. Participants will have opportunities to ask questions and a list of resources to support planning for the future will be available afterwards to all participants. This webinar is for families with children/young people with a disability who are pursuing an inclusive life for their child.
Please follow this link to register: