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Leap provide connections and networks, information, workshops, family leadership initiatives, planning and follow up for families who have a child with a disability and who want to support them to live an inclusive life.

We encourage

We encourage families to look beyond services and to focus on inclusion in ordinary life. This approach will assist children with disabilities to maintain strong and diverse relationships with family members, friends and within their community.


We invest in families because we believe they are foundational in their capacity to pursue inclusive lives and drive social change.


Belonging in School: The What, Why and How of Inclusive Education

Belonging in School: The What, Why and How of Inclusive Education

This event is brought to you by The School of Education, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and Leap and will bring together people with disabilities, families, academics, policy makers and others to explore a shared vision to shape a culture of inclusive education in...

Research by Leap in partnership with the Research Group on Self-Directed Living

Perspectives of People with Disabilities and Families

Supporting Families

Workshop Series

Evaluation of Leap 2014 - 2017

We are pleased to share this, the first evaluation of our work encompassing the period from 2014 -2017.


Leap were able to effectively manage the set up and delivery of training to a range of participants in various venues around the country. They were always professional, punctual and courteous. They managed a range of diverse situations and learning groups with skill and diplomacy. Their training and workshops were highly engaging and were designed and delivered to an extremely high standard. Training content and handouts were clear and concise even whilst covering complex topics. Training was well paced and utilised a range of methodologies including discussion and facilitated reflection, small group work and values clarification. I would have no hesitation in recommending Leap as a training provider.
Brian Smyth, Deputy CEO

Leitrim Development Company, 2019

This is just to say a huge thank you to you for yesterday’s ‘Creating a Good Life’ course in Galway. For the first time since our lovely boy was diagnosed, I am filled with enthusiasm and hope about how we as a family can help him to have a great future.
Parent who attended a workshop

February 2017

Our Mission

To empower families to take action for an inclusive life
Leap works with families to increase their relationships and personal networks and to navigate life stages.
Leap assists families to focus on inclusion and the importance of relationships, belonging and valued social roles.
Leap develops the leadership of families so that they can raise expectations of what is possible in the lives of people with disabilities.
Leap works with service providers who want to transition to a person-centred model of individualised supports.

We Support Families by Offering

Workshops, training and conferences

Family Friendly Information

Family leadership retreats


Projects and initiatives to support self-direction

We Offer Training Programmes in


Circles of Support

Building a Vision *

Family Leadership

Self-Directed Living

Leadership Development

Valued Social roles – Pathways to full, meaningful and inclusive lives

Individualised Funding

Powerful ideas and theories (esp. SRV)

Assisted Decision making

* by vision we mean a description of a desirable future for your family member

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