Please join us for this workshop: ‘Visioning and Planning for Life after School.’ Tuesday 5th March 2024 10:00 am-4pm. Families often feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start when pursuing a more inclusive life. All families who have adopted this approach have been in this position! This workshop will centre on the essential role families play in fostering an inclusive life for children with disabilities. We know that a clearly defined vision is one of the most important tools in a family’s arsenal in ensuring a full and inclusive life for individuals with disabilities. Successful planning for life after school requires families to construct a compelling vision for a meaningful life. Through testimonials from families, this workshop will illustrate the profound results this approach can lead to. You will gain useful and practical knowledge and have an opportunity to hear empowering stories of how families connected to Leap have shaped great lives for their family member. Leap’s venue is entirely disability accessible including an accessible bathroom. Please register at this link: