As a result of funding from the HSE Social Care Division we are now able to offer our ‘Supporting Families’ Workshop Series to all CHO Areas.

The Workshops on offer are:

  • Creating A Good Life – For Families of children aged 6 -12
  • Enabling Good Lives – For Families of children aged 12 – 18
  • Building Positive Relationships with Families – for Service Providers

We are running workshops in the following Community Health Organisation (CHO) Areas in the following months:

  • CHO Area 4 – November 2016
  • CHO Area 5 – December 2016
  • CHO Area 2  – February 2017
  • CHO Area 8 – March 2017
  • CHO Area 1 – May 2017
  • CHO Area 7 June 2017

To check which CHO Area you live in please refer to the following map:


For further information about these workshops please contact us at:

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