Monday, 9 June 2014 from 09:30 to 17:00 (IST)
Dublin, Ireland | The Emmaus Centre

Leap invite you to spend the day with Cormac Russell thinking about citizen led change. Cormac is an inspirational speaker and highly respected practitioner of ABCD approaches.

Cormac believes that change comes when we have new stories about what is possible. Throughout the day you will hear stories about individuals and families who are sharing their vision of how they are creating good lives for the people they love. Cormac will speak about his work engaging communities and will provide us with the practical steps to make actionable change on the street where we live. He will help us to see that our ‘glass is half full’ and through the promotion of peer to peer support how we can encourage each other to take more control by building on what we can do for ourselves. He will also ask questions of particular interest for services, such as “How can what we do enhance what you do?” and “How can we listen better to what people in citizen and community space think they can do and what they think would be helpful from outside?” Cormac Russell is from Limerick and also has a brother with an intellectual disability.

This workshop will focus on actions that we can all take to build communities where we experience a sense of welcome and belonging for all. This event will also include a choice of three workshops in the afternoon which feature the work of family and person-led organisations who have taken an asset based approach to building community.

  • Workshop One: Family leadership development – Margaret Rodgers, CRU, Queensland, Australia and Rachel Cassen, Leap.
  • Workshop Two: Friendships, relationships and informal networks – Sue Robertson, Imagine Better, New Zealand and Willie Walsh, Clan Beo, Mayo.
  • Workshop Three: Effective community inclusion and social participation – Janet Klees, Ontario, Canada and Fionnathon Productions, Clare.

Listen to Cormac Russell in a short video clip from our Workshop Person and family led initiatives: Creating Good Lives for the People we Love which took place in the Emmaus Centre, Dublin in June 2014

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