Leap provides training, mentoring and leadership opportunities in support of families who have a child with a disability and who desire to take control of their own supports and services.

We offer bespoke training solutions to support family engagement and family leadership.

We encourage families to look beyond services to creative support solutions that will ensure children with disabilities maintain strong and diverse relationships with family members, friends and within their community.

We take our direction from families and do not impose our own goals or solutions. We mentor families beyond initial training should they wish to self direct their own funding and supports.

We also work with service providers to support them to move to a more person and family centred approach.

Research by Leap in partnership with the Research Group on Self-Directed Living

Leap Family Leadership

Our Mission

  • Leap partners with families to navigate life stages without imposing its own goals or solutions.
  • Leap educates families about self-directed living and supports them if they wish to negotiate their own funding and supports.
  • Leap works through families to raise expectations of what is possible in the lives of people with disabilities.
  • Leap works with service providers who want to transition to a more individualised and person centred service model.

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We support families by offering:

  • Workshops, training and conferences
  • Family Friendly Information
  • Family leadership retreats
  • Projects and initiatives to support self-direction
  • Research

We offer training programmes in:

    • Advocacy
    • Circles of Support
    • Building a Vision *
    • Family Leadership
    • Self-Directed Living
    • Valued Social roles – Pathways to full, meaningful and inclusive lives
    • Leadership Development
    • Individualised Funding
    • Powerful ideas and theories (esp. SRV)
    • Assisted Decision making

* by vision we mean a description of a desirable future for your family member

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