Creating a Good Life

Building a vision of a Good Life

  • Ask yourselves – what does a good life look like?
  • What is your vision of a good life? is it a compelling vision that others will buy into? Can you convey it meaningfully to others? Will it help you to find allies as you journey towards a good life?
  • What tools do you have to create your vision with?

Why is it important to build a compelling vision?

  • When families develop a positive vision for their son or daughter, brother or sister with a disability; they are in a better position to promote to others the gifts, potential and contributions of their family member.
  • Intentional behaviour – what you envision is more likely to manifest

Developing a community orientation

  • The importance of creating community
  • The importance of ‘natural supports’
  • If the community becomes competent we require less from the system world

Why is this important?

  • The system will over service us, under service us, or not provide us with any services at all
  • The system will surround us only with people who are paid to be in our lives (however well meaning)
  • The system is running out of money and is not reliable
  • The system scares off ordinary people by its message that only ‘specialist’ people are required in the lives of people with disabilities
  • The number of relationships based on love that your family member has is the only certain way to keep them happy, safe and well after you are gone

Moving away from the professional gift model to the citizenship model

- What is a citizen?

  • Someone who contributes
  • Who has rights and responsibilities
  • Who has a voice or a champion to speak for them

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